Bob`s Juice 

The Liquid Marijuana

Bob's Juice, with its cannabis e liquid, can take you on a trip where you can do the same things you do when you are sober but without giving a darn but still be able to kiss all the green fairies that dance around you singing a song that sounds like something you heard when you passed that coffee shop full of dwarfs dressed like Queen of England who she was, I don't know, something years old and loved to go to party with Alice from Wonderland who have a tattoo on her back which says: "You are anywhere?". Your head is spinning already, ha? Imagine how you will feel when you will try weed e-liquid from Bob's Juice. You can even understand the sentence above! Let's get loco with Bob's Juice and it's weed juice.

Remember that Bob's Juice pot flavored e-juice doesn't contain the active Marijuana (THC), only the flavor is present in our CBD juice.

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Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items