Join our Multi Level Vape Juice Affiliate System

The market for Eliquids or Vape Juice is a very fast growing niche worth billions, that can make you some serious money. Millions of people around the world are searching the Internet every day for E liquids and they are willing to spend a lot of money.

Our E liquids meet this demand with a high-quality selection of more than 500 Vape Juice flavors and more than 750 total products. We have an extremely convincing website, with a conversion rate of 3%.

The main products are priced at 3,69€, but other products cost more than 150€, and we are offering you 5% commission for every customer you bring in. Further more, we are THE ONE AND ONLY vape juice shop who gives recurrent commissions! This means that you will receive the 5% commission for every order placed by your customer in the future. We also have the Tier 2 with 1% commission and Tier 3 with 0,5% commission. In a few words: when your customer brings in another customer you will receive 1% lifetime commission from his orders, and when the last one brings in a customer you will receive 0,5% lifetime commission from his orders.

Affiliate example

Let us give you a some revenue examples for our Eliquid Affiliation System:

Example: You refer 1 person (Level 1) who makes an order of 100€ - your commission is 5€

Level 1 refers 1 person (Level 2) who makes an order of 100€ - your commission is 1€

Level 2 refers 1 person (Level 3) who makes an order of 100€ - your commission is 0,5€

Total revenue for you 6.5€

Example: You refer 5 persons (Level 1) and each of them makes an order of 100€ - your commission is 25€

Level 1 refer each one a total of 5 persons (Level 2) and each of them makes an order of 100€ - your commission is 25€

Level 2 refer each one a total of 5 persons (Level 3) and each of them makes an order of 100€ - your commission is 62,5€

Total revenue for you 112,5€

Try to make your own calculations.

Tens of affiliates are making hundreds of Euros every month by promoting our E liquids to various audiences and you can too!

Few advantages of our E liquid affiliation system:

  • 3 levels of Multi Level Marketing (Level 1 – 5%, Level 2 – 1% and Level 3 – 0.5%)

  • Lifetime commissions

  • Lifetime cookies

  • Low withdrawal limit, just 50€

  • The customer receives 15% discount on 1st order

  • Real-time statistics available

  • Over 500 eliquids types

  • Over 100 DIY flavors and liquid nicotine

  • Multiple banners available

  • Multiple links available

We actually care about our affiliates, so we respond to any affiliate's email within 12 hours to help you with any of your promotions. After all, when you succeed - we all succeed.

Get started today. You can then use some of the tools we have provided (banners or links) to help promote our E liquids. Let us know if you need anything at any time. We are happy to help you.

Get started!

To start promoting our E liquids, you need to be a registered user of We track all the referrals and purchases and send out your payments whenever you want, but not less than 50€. If you don't have an account, you can join for free by clicking here.
Once you have your Toscana Mall account, replace "YOURNAME" with your sponsor code into one of the links below and copy it. You can find your sponsor code in "Sponsorship program" from"My account" section, located here.

Eliquid Banners

Using banner ads is an excellent way of attracting the attention of potential customers and getting them to visit our vape juice shop.

To use one, just copy and paste the HTML code seen below the banner you wish to use, and replace the YOURNAME with your sponsor code so you can get credit when someone clicks on the banner.

728 x 90

Cheap Vape Juice

336 x 280

Cheap Vape Juice

320 x 100

Cheap Vape Juice

Eliquid Links

You can add links in your website or blog, but you can also use them in your forum signatures, email signatures, etc.

Cheap Vape Juice

Cheap Eliquids

Tobacco Vape Juice

Weed Eliquids

Cannabis Eliquids

Marijuana Eliquid


Got any questions about the affiliate program or want to place your tracking pixel on our purchase page?

Send an email anytime to info [at] and you will have a response within 12 hours!

We can also offer higher commission to affiliates who can send large volumes of traffic so feel free to contact us with your sponsor code and tell us what you can do.

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