Frequently Asked Questions

Our store

Q: I want to place an order over the phone but can you tell me the number of the department that is in charge?
A: We do not currently have a system to accept phone orders. Our website is very easy to use and you can place your order without any problems.

Q: I want to read the Terms and Conditions of Use. Where can I find them?
A: You can read all about our terms and conditions of user by clicking here.

Q: I am from Finland and I would like to see your store translated in my language. What should I do in order to change the language of your website?
A: Our website is translated in more than 20 languages. You can find all the languages in the "INFO" menu on the top of the homepage.

Q: How acurrate is the translation of your website?
A: The translation is made with Google Translate and we apologize for the mistakes. If you find a disturbing mistake you can send us an e-mail and we will make the adjusments as soon as possible. We just want you to feel like home. :)

Q: I want to see the prices of your products but I don't want to see them in Euro. How can I change the currency?
A: You change the currency in the "INFO" menu on the top of the homepage.


Q: What are you selling?
A: We collaborate with a large range of suppliers which provides the best flavors and hardware on the market. You can "meet" our friends by checking the "Suppliers" list.

Q: Do you have warranty for your products (hardware)?
A: Yes, we do. Every product we sell are guaranteed to work on delivery.If you receive a product that doesn't work you can simply report this problem by e-mail and we will send the damaged goods no later than 48 hours from receiving the package. If you are not fully satisfied by the quality of the product wich you have bought it from us, return it to us in 14 days after the purchase and we will refund your payment entirely.

Q: The warranty covers the e-liquids too?
A: No, it doesn't. We can't provide any warranty for the flavors because it's a matter of taste and preferences. If you don't like the Maxx Blend from Flavour Art, for example, because it's not your taste, we can't change that flavor.

Q: The product that I want to order is no longer in stock. When you will update the stock?
A: You can subscribe by clicking "Notify me when available" and when the product is back in stock you will receive this information by e-mail.

Q: Does Toscana Mall's available e-liquids contain tobacco?
A: No, but they do contain nicotine derived from tobacco.

Q: I would like to buy some flavors to make my own e-liquid. Where can I find these flavors?
A: All the flavors are available in the "DIY" section.

Q: I know some great products which are not available on your webstore. Can I recommend some?
A: Yes, you do. If you have something to recommend us just send us an e-mail with your suggestion and we will take it into consideration.

A perfect vape experience

Q: I've tried some of your e-liquids but they have a burnt or bitter taste to it. It's something wrong with the flavor?
A: An e-cigarette has many different parts including the e-liquid used in it. If you experience a burnt or a bitter taste while vaping, we found this is most often due to the hardware rather than the e-liquid. When something like this happenes you may want to try a new cartridge. If you use an atomizer you may want to try a new one, as these will eventually become hard to use.

Q: I really like the taste of the e-liquid but I'm having difficulties with low amounts of vapor using this particular e-liquid. What should I do?
A: This kind of trouble is caused by the flooding or overfilling the cartomizer/atomizer with that e-liquid. All you have to do is to get a fresh cartomizer/atomizer and refill it again but be careful to not overfill.

Q: I bought some e-liquids from you and I want to know how should I store them.
A: Please make sure to always store the bottles that you have bought in a cool, dry and dark place. Exposure to sunlight can damage the e-liquid and cause the discoloration to the e-liquid.

Q: I bought some e-liquids from you and I don't like the taste of one of them. Can you send me something else instead?
A: We can't replace any flavors if you bought something to try for the first time and you didn't like it. It's a matter of taste. The best way for you to find the perfect flavors is to try a great range of flavors to see what you like.

Q: I've tasted the e-liquids that I've bought from you and I don't think that are from the original manufacturer.
A: If you feel something wrong with the taste of one e-liquid or you feel that the taste of it doesn't resembles with the original one that you've bought from other store it doesn't mean that our flavors aren't original. All of our flavors are bought directly from the manufacturer. The main reason that some e-liquids from other store have a different taste than ours is that we use a certain amount of flavor to mix it with the nicotine base and with every extra drop the taste changes. If the amount of flavor is high the e-liquid could be more powerful and more sweetier.

Q: Do you have any expiration date for the products from your store?
A: Yes, we do. Every piece of product has an expiration date.

Q: Do you have proper storage conditions for your flavors?
A: We keep our flavors, bases and ingredients in perfect storage conditions. In order to keep the taste of a flavor intact we store them at certain temperatures and the risk of changing their proprieties is zero.

Payments, Orders and Shipments

Q: What payment methods do you have?
A: We have accept payments through PayPal.

Q: What are the shipping methods and what are the prices?
A: All the information regarding the shipping methods and all the prices available for your country are here.

Q: I've placed an order and I want to know what is the status of it. How can I do that?
A: After the payment, your order will be entered in preparation and the status of it will be changed in "Preparation in Progress". You will receive this information by e-mail. The process is the same when we change your order status as "Shipped".

Q: How can I make some changes to an order I've already placed on your shop?
A: Any modifications to an order must be submitted to us via contact us page as soon as you can. We can do those changes but we recommend to be careful when you place your order because it may be possible that we can't do that change on that day. Always double-check the products that are in your cart.

Q: I see that my order has been shipped. How can I track it?
A: You will receive an e-mail with the tracking number right after our post office release them, only if you chosed a shipping method that have tracking included.

Q: I have the tracking number but I don't know which website should I use to check my package status.
A: Our post office provides a Track&Trace website for our packages. You can see the status of your package until it leaves our country. Then, you should search for a Track&Trace option on your National Post website.

Q: I found the Track&Trace for my country but it says that it has no records for my package. What should I do?
A: We know from our experience with the Post Office system that they don't update the information of some packages. You can try again in a few hours. If you still don't find any records about your package the best solution for you is to contact your local post office directly and ask them about your stuff. Give them your tracking number in order to locate your goods if it's not at the address already.

Q: What should I do if the package has been lost on the way?
A: If the package has been lost and we have information from our post office that it's actually lost we will send it again on our cost.

Q: What should I do if I found a mistake in my order?
A: If you see that is something wrong with your order please contact us at and tell us what is the actual problem. We didn't find any problem that we couldn't solve.

Q: I've received an e-mail from you and I found out that my package has been returned to you. What was the problem and what can we do about it?
A: If a package is not picked up by the client or one of the post office doesn't find the address that package will come back to us. The reason is written on the package label. We will contact you about this and we can send again your goods or a refund if you don't want to try again.

Q: What if my package has been blocked by my customs?
A: We know that very few european countries don't allow the import of tobacco flavors or everything related to electronic smoking. But if something like this happenes from some reason, we will wait for the package to come back to us. Then, we can try to send it again or do the refund (without the shipping taxes).


Q: I want a discount coupon. What should I do to get a voucher?
A: From time to time, we offer discount vouchers on our Facebook page. We give discount codes when a big holiday is coming up or when we start a new promotion.

Q: I want to become a reseller. What should I do?
A: provides wholesale prices for the resellers. To become one of our resellers you will need to send us an email with information such as name, country, website or/and store location(s).

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