Owoców leśnych Smak e-ciecz - Flavour Art

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Owoców leśnych Smak e-ciecz - Flavour Art

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Owoców leśnych Smak e-ciecz - Flavour Art


Wnosimy do lasu do was z tym wielkim e-ciecz. Ma dobry smak, nie jest zbyt słodki i wszystkie togheter owoce smakuje wyśmienicie. To typ letni smak i jest cudownie VAPE jeśli kochasz owoce.

  • Aromat owoców
  • Dobry smak
  • Trochę słodkie


E-ciecz dostępna od 10 do 30 mililitrów (z kroplomierzem) butelek i 50 lub 100 ml (bezkroplomierza).
Wybrał swój adres e-ciecz siły nikotyny od 0 mg do 36 mg nikotyny. To zależy od Twoich potrzeb.
Np.:. Jeśli były palacz , wybrać 24 mg e-ciecz.


Nasze e-cieczy butelkowanej w Europie i wysyłamy je zamknięte. ZAWSZE SEALED!

- Vegetal gliceryna i / lub glikolu propylenowego (European produktów)
- Nikotyna (European produktu)
- Dejonizowana woda oczyszczona (European produktu)
- Naturalne lub sztuczne aromaty (europejskich i amerykańskich produktów)


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Owoców leśnych Smak e-ciecz - Flavour Art

Owoców leśnych Smak e-ciecz - Flavour Art

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By (Manfredonia, Italy) on24 Jun 2013 (Owoców leśnych Smak e-ciecz - Flavour Art) :

Very Very Good

Very very good! My favorite!

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By (Bratislava, Slovakia) on23 Jan 2013 (Owoców leśnych Smak e-ciecz - Flavour Art) :


First of all, thanks to the toscanamall team for this e-smoker's heaven, really. The website is a little slow, but I am pleased very much with the service, speed of delivery and excllent choice of liquids. Thanks really. Now to the review.

I ordered this brand with a lot of expectation, because it takes the first place in the row of popularity of liquids on one of our renowned e-liquid web sites (I am from Slovakia). The second reason was that I like to explore new things and being still new to e-smoking I'm still searching for "the right thing for me". This is my second experience with the FlavourArt brand (the first one was with the Cuban Supreme liquid - horrible), and sadly, not the best again.

The taste of the liquid is good, not excellent, but good. It is NOT the taste of the forest fruits anyway, more likely, it is a taste of bubble gums with forest fruit flavour. What I expect from a liquid is a real taste of a cigarette. There has to be always a taste of tobacco that may be combined with something else. This liquid is not the case anyway. When I use it, I have a feeling in my mouth that it is full of bubble gums.

I ordered a 36 mg one because I always liked strong cigarettes. In spite of the label's saying that it is a 36 mg liquid the hit is very weak, if there is a one at all. I use a 1,6 ml clearomizer and eGo CE4+. The first approximately 0,4 ml I felt absolutely nothing, then the first hits came that were strong a little, and the last 0,4 ml of liquid in the clearomizer I feel again absolutely nothing, just the bubble gum taste. A real disappointment.

The smoke produced varies with the volume of liquid in the clearomizer again. I know it is just an effect, but again, weak and not enough.

So, all in all, it seems that the FlavourArt brand is not the right thing for me, sadly.

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By (RAIMBEAUCOURT, France) on17 Dec 2012 (Owoców leśnych Smak e-ciecz - Flavour Art) :

très bon

excellent goût de fruits rouges, très bon!!!

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